Berufspraktische Tage der 4cd, 20. - 23. 11. 2017

Berufspraktische Tage der 4cd, 20. - 23. 11. 2017

Während der berufspraktischen Tage konnten wir erste praktische und
spannende Erfahrungen in der Berufswelt machen. Es gab eine große Bandbreite an Firmen, die uns die Möglichkeit zum "Schnuppern" gaben. Wir durften kaufmännische, technische, soziale und naturwissenschaftliche Berufe kennenlernen.
Unsere vielfältigen und aufregenden Erlebnisse stellten wir einander im
Rahmen einer großen Präsentation vor, auf Deutsch und, dem hohen Stellenwert von Englisch als Unterrichtssprache getreu, auch in Englisch.



Einige Einblicke aus der Praxis

For my work experience I spent four days working for a company called Midas which is a big car garage. Each day I began at 9am and finished at 6pm. I had a break at 1pm for an hour. I was asked to do various tasks. For example, I had to repair cars, change the wheels and sometimes tidy the garage.
My colleagues were all very nice and explained everything to me clearly and patiently. It was an interesting week because I realized that being a mechanic is the career I want to do later. I found the work very varied and interesting and I loved it!
I am proud of myself because I got fantastic feedback from my boss who said I was polite and always nice to my colleagues.

Merdan Ramovic


For my work experience, I worked at the Dental Studio Müller which is a dental laboratory. Daily I began at 8am and finished at 3pm. I usually had a break at midday for 30 minutes. I was asked to do various things. For instance, I had to disinfect the tools and I even got a chance to sculpt and model false teeth. That was amazing!
My colleagues were incredibly friendly and helpful to me. It was a fascinating week because I realized how much concentration the work took. It was certainly a nice week but I found it pretty difficult too. Overall it was a very useful experience because I learned lots of things. I am also proud of the feedback my boss gave me. He said I was diligent, pleasant and mannerly.

Senem Aydemir


For my work experience I was at the Tierärztliche Ordination Dieselgasse which is a veterinary practice. My timetable was never the same. Some days I worked from 9am to 11am and again from 4pm to 7pm. On the last day I only worked the afternoon shift. I was given different tasks to do. For example, I had to sterilize the table after each pet. I spent a lot of time observing the vets and nurses while they treated the various animals.
My colleagues were helpful and extremely informative, explaining lots of facets of the job to me. It was an interesting week because I realized I have to study extremely hard to be as good as my boss.
I found the work marvellously interesting and I am now certain that I want to become a vet. It really is my dream job. I enjoyed the work experience week because the owners of the practice were so welcoming and helpful. I am very proud of myself because the feedback my boss gave me was fantastic!

Emese Horak

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