Crystal Children’s Choir

Two reports on the choir's visit. The first one is by John.

On the 24th of November 2017 the Crystal Children’s choir from California visited our school and I was very lucky to interview a very hard working young man. His name was Justin Chang, he was 13 years old and he has been in the choir for 8 years. He said that he rehearses three hours a week and that it could be quite stressful at times. He also told me that this was his third tour having previously been to New York and Canada. He made it clear that they always sing the same programmes and that the same kids always take the same solos. I asked if people felt more nervous when singing on their own but he replied that it depended on their personalities. Additionally, I enquired if there was lots of competition or romance between members but he clearly stated that there was none!
Apparently the choir sings all different types of music but his personal favourites were Pop and Harmonic music. I was interested to know how hard it was to get a place in the choir. He said it was pretty overwhelming because there were lots of people and that they had to read a piece of music and sing scales. Asked if he aspired to becoming a professional musician, Justin said he would prefer to become a computer engineer and keep music purely as a hobby. I wanted to know more about his school life at Miller Middle School in San Jose. Students there don’t wear a uniform which is just as good because Justin feels that uniforms take away people’s individuality. In class iPads and Chrome Books can be used. Also if students behave badly, a ‘’small’’ consequence was a behaviour report. However, if the conduct was seriously out of order, there would be talks with the School Council.
Asked to describe himself in one word, he chose ‘’impatient’. Asked if he could wake up as a celebrity, who it would be, he said George Michael and added that the first thing he would do was play the saxophone. Three things he would take to a desert island are a GPS phone, food and water. 
John, 4A

The second report is by Miriam and Klara.


We talked to Elisabeth, who is 14 years old and lives in California. She was very friendly and made a sprightly impression on us.
Asked how long she had been in the choir she told us, that she had been a member since playschool normally practicing two to three times a week. Her choir has many opportunities to travel to Canada, New York or China and she has been on quite a few trips. Apparently, Elizabeth never gets homesick, because she enjoys the time together with her friends.
The choir repertoire is always varied but she admitted that she doesn’t always like every piece they perform.

Elisabeth said that there was no competition amongst choir members because everyone who wanted to got a chance to sing a solo.
She herself performed solos and didn’t feel extra nervous while doing so.
When we asked about the audition process, she said it was quite easy to get a place in the choir. What reallly surprised us, was the fact, that all the children came from different schools. However, all were top – schools. Elisabeth would strongly recommend other students to join the choir.

She also told us something about her private life. Her biggest dream is to become a musical actress in the future. Therefore, she enjoys listening to Broadway music in her free time.
We were really interested to compare our school with hers. Patiently she gave us loads of information.

The foreign language she is learning is French which she loves! Every day she begins at 8.45. Her school is huge with 1520 students! They have computers in class and are usually allowed to use them. They don’t have a uniform.

Also in America, there are consequences, if children behave badly with their parents being immediately informed.

Asked to describe herself in one sentence she said that she was ‘’active and sometimes a little bit lazy’’. The time we had for our conversation was over too quickly. It was an honour to interview Elisabeth who was a very interesting person. It truly was a pleasure to meet her and to learn something about her life. 
Miriam and Klara, 4A
Berufspraktische Tage der 4cd, 20. - 23. 11. 2017

Berufspraktische Tage der 4cd, 20. - 23. 11. 2017

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