2ab Ski Week - 2018/19

2ab Ski Week - 2018/19

On Sunday the 10th March 2019 we went on Ski week. It took 5 hours to get to Faak am See in Corinthia by bus. When we arrived, we took a walk around the place and looked at the beautiful mountains and snow. I thought it was a little strange because there was only snow on the mountains, and not on the street or on the grass.

On Monday I went skiing for the first time and I found it very difficult at the beginning but I learned how to do it slowly. We ate lunch out every day and I thought the food there was very expensive. On the third day we had a snowball fight and it snowed a lot on that day. That was very beautiful to see. After the fight we returned to our hotel, which was called ”Hotel Popolari”. We had time to tidy up our rooms before our last delicious dinner. On the last day we had race with Ms Friesenbichler and Ms Klippl, that was funny but also very hard.

On Friday we returned home again and I was happy to see my family after one week.

Lena.K 2A

On the first day we met at Alma Rose gasse and went to Faak am See by bus. When we arrived we could go to our rooms and unpack our equipment. Later we went on a little walk.

The next day we were woken up at approximately nine am. Then we got dressed and went to breakfast. Then we returned to our rooms and prepared for skiing. That was our morning routine. On the first skiing day the weather was good, but in the afternoon it became very windy. The next day we watched a movie in the evening.

On the last day, the best beginner group went up to the real slopes with the advanced group. I think I learned a lot in this week.

Martin 2A

Our ski trip began on Sunday the 10th March and everyone was so excited. When we arrived at the hotel, we all rested for a while and then we took a small hike. I found it exhausting. On Monday we went skiing for the first time. I found it very stressful going up the slope. We also learned how to slalom and how to do some basic steps. It was awesome. On Tuesday we did the same thing, but we were split into three groups. I was in the first group. Wednesday was an excellent day we went up with the lift to the slope. It was a bit high, but it was still fine by me. We learned how to do bigger curves. It was so much fun. On the last day our group got to ski with the good skiers and we went up high on a red slope. The view was amazing. I found those slopes hard but it was still good. I liked this week a lot because I learned how to ski well and I think it is a really cool sport!

Elisa 2A

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